Hello! I am Sergey Vahtin, the owner of this store and an avid underwater hunter for 20 years. I am also the president of the Latvian LZMK underwater fishing club, one of the largest clubs in the Baltic States. We organize spearfishing competitions and take part in them.

We met a lot with other spearfishing enthusiasts, discussed equipment, compared the advantages and disadvantages. It was during these meetings that it became clear that it was time to open our own store and sell goods in it that we personally tried and appreciated.

We hunted in warm and cold waters, therefore both of us are well versed in equipment for the southern and northern seas. There will never be any “ordinary” goods in our store, because we are professionals and recommend only what we have experienced. We hope that our knowledge will help you find the right gear for an exciting business like spearfishing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional hunter or an amateur – our team will help make your hobby comfortable, exciting and safe!